Mother Nature; A Cruel and Selfish Bitch

Have you ever thought about the insignificance of our daily lives, I mean in the overall scheme of things, floating round on a comparatively small blue ball in the middle of space somewhere, and how much value and importance we place on our existence. We struggle and strive to keep hold of what we deem to be of importance, we desperately try to instil stability in our lives by creating things around us that give the illusion of immediate permanency.

Maybe something else is going on here, a force which compels us and every other species to strive with unmitigated motion for survival. In some parts of the world, people are continuously reminded of an anthropomorphic being above and beyond who knows what's in our hearts and minds and will endeavour to grant us sanctity if we obey the decimal system of commandments. Well, let's imagine, as a novel alternative, just for a moment, and apply anthropomorphic attributes to some other force that compels us in all our endeavours.

Mother Nature... A cruel and selfish bitch.

Mother Nature's primary concern is to keep the cells of living organisms alive, to ensure the continuity of whichever species. For a long time, cellular structures have been susceptible to permutations in order to reassess through trial and error (evolution) in the name of long term preservation.

Foreign bacteria may alter our structural equilibrium at the cellular level and our bodies will do its best to fight these bacteria, but one should also be aware that the very bacteria our body fights is part of Mother Nature's plan too. So essentially we can be seen as merely vessels carrying the cells that will stop at nothing to guarantee future survival.

Mother Nature doesn't care about you as an individual, that's why sexual reproduction came into being; it was just another reinforcement mechanism to make sure that once the cells have died in your body, they will continue in your children's. Mother Nature is territorial, she's a provider, an explorer, a taker, a whore; and she's especially not keen on people who have conflicting ideas as to whether she exists at all as we've seen the genocidal and warring results of that. We are a species convinced that we are exalted to any other because of the invention of the microchip.

You can see the type of things we are capable of as a result of our cellularity, Mother Nature sure inflicted us with some interesting pursuits in order to maintain the presence of a species that defies belief as to how, after all this time, it is still here.