The Bolt-On Orchestra

Written and performed in 1995, this chamber piece is titled such in reference to the makeshift tendencies in compositional continuity. I was in my infancy as a composer of orchestral music at the time and I would say that this piece is indicative of that early period. It was the first orchestral piece I wrote after spending about two years of consistent score reading, the most important ones for me while scoring were Stravinksy's "Firebird" and "Petrushka", and Leonard Bernstein's "Facsimile"; I had studied others but these were the main influences for this piece, as well as Henry Mancini and Erik Satie.

The performance and recording helped me build on my compositional skills because I got a chance to hear it and consequently was equipped to make better creative and logistical decisions the next time I wrote a score. Anyway, here is The Bolt-On Orchestra, warts and all!