The Minor II V I Progression

The minor II V I progression in jazz is generally based on the harmonic minor scale.

Just like we built chords from the major scale we are now going to build chords from the harmonic minor scale:

The minor II V I in the key of C:

- Dminb5
V - Gmaj
I - Cmin

Lets embellish the chords by adding notes from the scale.

- Dmin7b5
V - G7b9
I - Cmin/maj7

Theoretically you could play just the harmonic minor scale over the whole minor II V I chord progression since all the notes in the harmonic minor scale relate to the chords constructed from it. Alternatively, you could make the changes,

- Dmin7b5 - D Locrian13 Mode
V - G7b9 - G Mixolydianb9b13 Mode
I - Cmin/maj7 - C Harmonic Minor

Here are 2 musical examples:

Minor II V I

Minor II V I [Harmonic Minor Scale Blanket]

Incidentally, on the I chord you could use the jazz melodic minor or dorian mode among many other possibilities, depending on the tonality of the piece of music you are soloing over.