Who Are The Jazz Police?

There is a song called Who Are The Brain Police? by Frank Zappa, and what you have here is kind of a pun with slightly different connoted significance. “Who Are The Jazz Police?” is supposed to musically represent my feelings for those who think jazz is an exalted art form superior to any other style of music.

Most jazz musicians I’ve encountered are generally musically open minded, however there are a few who are capable of expressing great hostility if certain jazz tenets are not adhered to. For example, a while ago I played a concert alongside some notable jazz artists from Portugal, and a certain guitarist who shall go nameless expressed to a bystander (unbeknownst to him, a friend of mine) while I was playing on stage that I had played too many notes and did not adhere to his concept of jazz, well you can join the dots on that one folks!

The notion of musical exaltation is not exclusive to jazz, you’ll probably find it in classical, rock and pop music circles too, but I’m a bit more familiar with this behaviour among jazz musicians.

I recently received a wonderful email from a chap living in India who informed me of his positive feelings about Hanspal music, he was amazed at the diversity of it all and asked me how I did it, well, I told him that music is an art form superior to no style in particular.