Sinister Footwear II

This piece was transcribed from the recording on the album Them or Us. After transcribing the drums, bass, keys and guitars. I began programming the instruments into the sequencer. While transcribing the latter part of the piece, at 6:20, where there are the improvised sounding musical phrases, I found a number of tempo shifts within short spaces of real time. It seems that there might have been some audio "drop-ins" at various points, in order, I assume to capture an accurate take of each melodic and rhythmically coordinated musical phrase. Nevertheless, this is a difficult piece to play, as the live performance from the 1981 MTV Special will illustrate, as there are a few little mistakes here and there with the rhythms in that particular performance.

This rendition is not an accurate representation of the piece as I have relied on what my ear could decipher in the original recording to emulate and reproduce. Anyway, this is my rendition, warts and all, midi-fied and ready to go!

Sinister Footwear


I applied the same process to this piece as I did with Sinister Footwear II; transcribing all the instruments and then programming them into the sequencer. Some of the guitar parts in Moggio are very difficult, and it took me a while to get an accurate performance. Incidently, on the original recording from The Man from Utopia, at 1:03 where the little melodic fragments begin and the distorted guitar comes in, on the fourth fragment in the guitar, seems to be inaccurate in relation to the fragment being played by the other instruments; slightly late with some of the notes missing. Unless this fragment was to be played by the guitar a little differently at that point, then I am a bit surprised that Zappa would have let this slip, however, the other parts on the original recording are played well and are incredible feats of the guitar!